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Our First Season at Guthega Inn



We were excited to continue offering a place for people to stay and eager to reopen to the public by providing a place to dine and drink with a view or gather at the end of the day. Locals welcomed us with open arms and generous spirits. Everyone was grateful that we were open, and we felt equally thankful for their support.

This Guthega Inn article was written for the National Parks and Wildlife Services and published in the:

Resort Round-Up

Issue 46 | Summer 2024 Edition.

Since purchasing Guthega Inn, the team and I have received a warm welcome and first-rate support from the mountain community. It’s been incredibly heart-warming to know you can step into a new and challenging environment and have so many people interested in what you’re doing and being so willing to lend their knowledge and experience.

Our first year has been very demanding. We settled less than two months before opening and, in that time, we built and developed a new website, integrated accommodation and restaurant booking platforms, implemented a POS, welcomed a brand-new team, learned a lot on the fly, managed what felt like an endless trail of logistical challenges, launched the season, and opened the restaurant and bar to the public again.

With stunning views of the mountain ranges and its remote location, Guthega Inn is a destination venue, so we wanted to focus on what that truly meant for guests and patrons. The logistics alone bring a premium to costs, so it was apparent that if the asking price is on the higher end of the spectrum, the service, accommodation, and food need to be top-quality.

I have a long family history in the cattle and sheep industries. I’ve worked globally in Argentina, Uruguay, Korea and the UK. I’m a strong supporter of animal welfare and understand and appreciate the benefits of provenance and technologies that ensure ethically produced meat, all of which ultimately benefit the end consumer – our customers.

We therefore source premium meat from Australian suppliers like AACo and Jack’s Creek, and we hand-cut on-site – this brings a wealth of opportunities for us such as house-made pies, veal and chicken schnitzels, and cut-to-order steaks. Within a few short weeks of opening, word got out about how superb our food is and how friendly our staff are. Our whole team are very proud of that reputation.

Lunchtime in our first season was manic! There was so much joy about the place, with everyone contributing towards a positive vibe. I also appreciated the contrast of the evenings. As the lifts close at the end of the day, the Inn takes on a quieter tempo (although, if the Women’s World Cup Football crowd was anything to go by, the dinner crowd can also be upbeat!) Our in-house guests, who have been exploring the mountain for the day, return for the night (many have already been back for lunch), and guests of the surrounding Guthega lodges pop in to savour a well-earned drink or stay for dinner. We wanted Guthega Inn to become a central place for those on this western rim of Perisher to gather and hoped this would offer a renewed sense of community for the village. I think we managed to do that, and we are so grateful to everyone who has supported the business.

We’ve opened this summer from early December to the end of January. Though a quiet season, we wanted to invest in the opportunity to let more people know where we are, who we are, and that you can rely on us for great food, no matter the season. The guest reviews are a testament to that, and their generosity has blown us away. As a result, the confidence and cohesion of the team have strengthened our resolve to make Guthega Inn the destination of choice in the region, offering the best food and prime meat on the mountain and a place where people can come together and enjoy what it means to be part of a small local community.

I’d love to end by offering a huge thanks to the locals – from Doug at Base Camp to Angelo at the Perisher Valley Post Office and everyone in between, including members and guests of the local lodges, the Perisher Resort Team, and the NPWS Team. Many of you have reached out to offer support, answered all manner of questions, and informed me of even more things I didn’t know I needed to know!

Running Guthega Inn has been a steep learning curve and a rewarding experience, and I’m excited for the seasons ahead … I look forward to welcoming you all whenever you stop by.